What is Offshore Staffing?

In simple terms, it is the practice of setting up a dedicated staff or team overseas to engage in your business the same way as a local team member

Our proven experience in working with various firms of different size, helps you find the right staff offshore by granting access to a pool of talented candidates to select from. We make it easier to build your global team remotely while actively engaging in delivering the results you desire.

How does it work?

With advancements in technology, running a team offshore is made no different to running one locally. Staffing allows you to access experienced and talented workforce at only fraction of a cost. While large firms have accepted the norm of setting up teams remote, SME’s are also exploiting the growing pool of experienced professionals in English speaking countries.

Why does it work?

Several growing firms in the UK are distracted with functions that are not core to its business while incurring higher costs to attract and retain competent staff. Hence it makes sense to look into more cost effective and efficient solution – Hiring a Remote Staff.

Talk to us and we will provide you with a tailor-made remote staffing solution for your business!


Accounting & Finance

While Sri Lanka has been ranked consistently among Top global ourtsourcing destinations, it has one of the largest pools UK qualified English speaking Accounting professionals.

Accountant (Associate/Senior)

We can provide your firm with the best UK qualified accounting professionals, with a majority of them certified in either ACCA or CIMA. Our accountants are equipped with the ability to tackle a wide variety of accounting processes from bookkeeping, bank reconciliation to tax compliance and preparing year-end accounts.

A large number of UK accountancy firms are opting to hire remote employees and setup their offshore team in Sri Lanka. Being specialized in the field of accounting, we can provide a competing edge to understand your exact requirement and propose the best practice for you firm. We also provide free consultation to help you build your global team remotely.

Financial Analyst

Our analysts fully understand where a company has invested its resources and how viable the outlay be going forward. Our candidates are qualified with either a bachelors degree in finance or are part/full qualified CFA. They are experts at analyzing large data and also have a good knowledge on financial planning. Moreover, with the excellent command in English, they can also be put through directly to the end clients.

Book Keeper

Majority of our team of professional bookkeepers have a vast knowledge in QuickBooks, or a similar accounting package, in order to track and record the financial transactions of a client or company. In addition to the above, they can also be utilized for creating invoices, main and balance subsidiaries, general ledgers and complete certain task of the payroll.

Sales & Marketing

We understand that successful marketing reinforces and maintains an organization’s trustworthiness, credibility and expertise Offshore your marketing to Exel and focus on your business growth and revenue generation.

Lead Generation

Though our lead generation executives are based in Colombo, they can prospect via an IP phone for new businesses to identify opportunities for your company. They can also develop opportunities to a level where a senior member can quote and close business. Our candidates will achieve and exceed KPI’s based on calls made and passed on to the team while developing an active pipeline of prospects for the senior management team.

Digital Marketing Executive

Our executives can assist in developing marketing projects as per the firms requirements. Not only can they help in creating advertising strategies in the digital space, they can also increase sales and brand presence through several campaigns to increase awareness and satisfaction. Most candidates have experience in overlooking into media strategies and helps you track and analyze web traffic. They also have a good knowledge of SEO and strong written and verbal communication in English.

Management Consultant

It is vital a company gets the right advice well in advance of a crisis. Our management consultants can help consulting firms with the back-end scope from analyzing data to preparing reports. Not only are the candidates academically qualified with a bachelor’s degree in management or equivalent they also have corporate experience and a clear understanding of the job role.

Admin Support

Exploit from a wide range of candidates compaosed of various experience specialized in operations and admin support. They can assist you optimize your daily non-core functions all thewhile driving the overall performance of your business.

Data entry specialist

While you may think that any school leaver is ready to take on a data entry specialist role, we beg to differ. While it is important that he/she has gained sound knowledge in IT literacy, he/she need to have had a hand on things such as the Microsoft office package.  Moreover, time management is very important as they are to read all bills, reports and documents, make corrections if necessary and store them in a specific location. This is mostly computerized and data is normally stored in soft copies.

Research Analyst

Our research analysts can support your ongoing business through their various techniques of analysis. They will not just create research on projects but also help you identify trends and patterns in the industry and will also create insights to be included in projects and reports. While these research professionals can possess a bachelor’s in the fields of either business, finance or economics, they are also qualified with the UK certified CIMA, CIM or ACCA. Moreover, with proven record in holding leadership positions, they are ready to begin with minimal supervision.

Executive Assistance

Finding the perfect assistant can be costly and tough. We can help you select your staff from a pool of candidates who posses degrees or higher diplomas in business administration. While they have an excellent commad in English, they also possess the right IT skill to complement the job role. From making and recieving calls to scheduling your day, our executives are up to take the challenge.

IT Solutions

Technology functions are often outsourced to third-party service providers to reduce operational cost and stay competitive. Gain access to the collective knowledge and experience of out IT support provider.

Software Development

While all our software engineers are qualified with bachelor’s in software engineering, many are experienced too. They will help you create the perfect software according to your need and also help you upgrade it as you go further.

Web Development

As professional web developers fluent in PHP, CSS frameworks like bootstrap, JavaScript, UI, UX Design front and has a good background in developing websites based on WordPress and its plugins, our team here at Excel Solutions is ready to take on the creating and designing your website according to your needs. We will be responsible for the looks to the technical aspects of the website

Technical Support Analyst

Our technical support analysts are all qualified in the field of IT and are well equipped in handling and technical issue that will take place via email, social media or through the phone. They have the ability to log and process support calls, install and configure computer hard/software, set up accounts for staff and ensures that they know how to use it, solve password-related problems, respond to breakdowns and also help to investigate and diagnosing and troubleshooting software and hardware faults. So regardless of your location, our support analysts are ready to be at your service.

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