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Exel Solutions is an offshore staffing provider specialized for small and medium scale businesses. We help build your office overseas by providing access to the best talent at only 70% of the cost. Exel offers a diverse range of services from Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Information Technology


We strive for quality, and that’s why we build client relationships for the long haul. Exel Solutions don’t just provide staffing, but also act as a partner and thought leader offering recommendations and strategies that support the clients success.


To provide the best and most flexible staffing solution in the market. Our services to be efficient, economical, swift and flexible. And to work closely on each client to cater them on their distinct requirement.

Exel Promises

We are dedicated to uphold our promises and bring it to reality through the strong arm of our Management Team, the active participation and cooperation of our Staff, and the strong support of our Clients.

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Our tailored services will allow you to maximize your time and build your business by combining the skilled resources with the advanced technology.

We hire only the best talent with the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your employees are only an extension of your business. We also help review the staff performance to evaluate for better efficiency through continuous appraisals.

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Offshoring helps to streamline your processes and increase profitability as a result. We are a top quality offshore provider with deep knowledge of the industry. That’s why we challenge you for a staggering reduction of 70% in your staff cost while still maintaining the quality of output.

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As a professional services provider we go the extra mile in making sure every level of our organization complies with Data Protection and Privacy laws.

We constantly engage with domestic legal counsels to have the most accurate advice to adhere to the local legislation. We make you feel safe under great hands by having full control over your offshore operations embracing diversity all the while by exploring a whole new market with the best service.

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To operate as a true reflection of our client, we cascade customer communication and feedback which results in the continuous improvement of your business.

By analyzing feedback, we maintain constant communication with both the client and staff to ensure support is available whenever required.


We hire only the best talent with the required professional skills and experience to ensure that our staff are merely an extension of your business. As part of the recruitment process, you are open to pick your team based on your requirement, while we do the onboarding. By and large, our module arms you from staff welfare including payroll, IT and infrastructure with end to end business support and yet gives you complete control of your offshore team.

Once we understand your requirement after a professional consultation with your representative, we will shortlist the most suitable candidates from our larger database in the host country. You are open for preference of candidates to be interviewed, whom once acquainted will be your dedicated staff ready to work at a set time and date. We are equipped with robust infrastructure


We consult and carefully understand the specific requirement and develop a staffing plan


HR will undertake a CV hunt and shortlist a series of candidates based on your requirement


You will interview and select the preffered candidate. Successful applicants will be subjected to a thorough background check.


Your staff will commence working for you on a desired date


Contact us today and learn how our high standard offshore sevice can help your business SAVE up to 70%

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