Experience Modern BPO

Outstanding Services Support Pricing

We stand ourself from the rest of the competitors, providing an Outstanding Client Service, A State of the Art Support System, all for a great price.

Data Protection Regulation

We Follow UK GDPR policies and standards taking them serious when do our things, and many other policies that we follow are to be found here.

State of the Art IT Infrastructure

We follow a state of the Art IT infrastructure and a dedicated and experienced team working at a requirement of BCP.

High Performance, Right Price

Our Staffing process goes through many scanning which results in providing the most suitable staff for the best subscription price.

The Benefits of Offshoring

Hassle Free Managing StaffingOperations

State of the Art Customizable Plans to provide with the most suitable staffing solution for you.

Reduced Operational Cost

Achieve reduced operational cost on staffing by opting for offshore staffing solutions. You save up to 70% on staffing cost by choosing to recruit an offshore staff from Sri Lanka.

Access to Skilled Workforce

Sri Lanka has access to the largest pool of UK qualified Accounting professional thus the possibilities of providing the same service as that could be obtained from staff in the UK.

Complete Authority

Your offshore staff is dedicated to you alone, and you have complete authority in managing the staff to get your jobs completed.

Increased Operational Flexibility

We provide Operational, Human Resource and Informational Technology support to sustain an uninterrupted workflow and collaboration.

Global Reach

Our staff are well experienced and also are trained to be tech savvy to provide innovative solutions and suggestions.

High Efficiency

Exel Management Team works along with the floor leaders to sustain and improve the workflow and efficiency of the staff by conducting training programs and providing constant feedback.

We can assist your business grow!

We do not want to push our ideas to customers, we simply plan together.